Thursday, December 5, 2013

DAY THIRTY SIX - What I know for sure (about me)

Readers of Oprah Magazine are familiar with the last page where Oprah writes a small piece entitled "What I Know for Sure". She doesn't lecture us from On High about life, the Universe and everything. She talks about what she knows for sure about herself, a lesson she's learned, an experience that's opened up her eyes. Sometimes the reader can relate to what she's saying, and sometimes not. 

A few minutes ago I got back from my second visit to the gym on the top (50th) floor of my apartment building, Sama Tower. Once again I am blessed with a "treadmill with a view". Actually there are views from everywhere in the gym through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

This corner of the gym has several treadmills and eliptical machines. The treadmill in the middle is "mine"  ;-)

For many reasons, some under my control and some not, I fell off the exercise wagon several months back. Hard. I mean after 8+ years of exercising and training with a personal trainer, I came pretty much to a grinding halt. I feel it, it shows, and it hasn't been a good thing. 

So here I am starting a new life in Abu Dhabi. Everything is new once again, kind of like when I moved from Syracuse to Ithaca in 1993, and then from Ithaca to Hoboken in 2003. I seem to be on a 10-year cycle of some sort.....

This time, though, things are wayyyy different. And while I am excited at the opportunity to be here and oh-so-open to new sights and experiences, what I know for sure is that for the sake of my sanity and my health and happiness, I need to be grounded. For me that means imposing some routine on my life. I don't mean filling up every day on my calendar with something. I don't mean I need to schedule in "busy-work" just for the sake of something to do. No. What I mean is I personally need a framework upon which to build my week because otherwise I feel untethered, I feel like I've been tossed into the middle of a large body of water and can't see the sides to even know which direction I should swim. 

And so here I am in Abu Dhabi, and I need to ground myself. I need to ground myself so I can be free to explore and learn and have the courage to put myself out there and meet new people. My first step, and it seems so obvious and natural, is to re-establish a gym routine. 

I was delghted to discover that the main Fitness Center on the 4th floor is staffed with 7 (I think) trainers, and NYUAD offers a FREE 7-week training program to all its students, faculty, staff and their spouses/partners. You just sign up and meet twice-weekly for a 30-minute session. Two days ago I marched myself to the Fitness Center to chat with the director in person, and now I am scheduled to meet with my trainer, Melissa, this Sunday afternoon. I am so psyched!

It's my first step, twice-weekly training, and that will also motivate me to go to the gym between session. It feels so good simply knowing this is on my calendar. Does this make sense? Am I the only person like this? 

Well, I can't speak for you, but knowing I need some structure in my life is what know for sure.

Check this out - adjacent to the top-floor gym is a lovely pool and whirlpool. You can't tell but it's open to the sky and just lovely. I haven't used the pool yet, but you can bet I will and soon. 

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