Friday, June 13, 2014

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SIX - Heading off to Spain!

I am very fortunate in that Doug has no issue with me taking Girl Trips. Not that I think he should, but I have known women over the years who needed "permission" from their husbands to go someplace or whose husbands resented the time they spent with friends and/or family. Doug and I have never had that kind of relationship. We spend most of our time together, but we both think it's healthy and natural that we do some things apart, either on our own or with friends. 

Still, taking a two-week trip to Spain is stretching it! Especially since I'm leaving on our 40th Anniversary.

Here's the thing - we knew in advance that he'd be very busy this Summer getting the NYU Abu Dhabi campus all set for the Fall when students and faculty arrive in force. The campus had a "soft opening" on June 1st, and we're all working out the bugs. The "hard opening" will be at the end of August, and Doug wants to be ready. We knew months ago that our Anniversary Celebration would be delayed till September or even October. 

So when the opportunity came up to meet up with my friend, Mary Catherine, in Spain, Doug could not have been more enthusiastic. "Go, go!" he said. And so I am going. First to Seville and then to Granada for a few days. The final week we depart from Palma, Mallorca, on a 50 foot sail boat with 8 others, and we'll sail around the entire island, mooring at a different port every afternoon so we can explore. 

This is the kind of sailing yacht I'll be on, a 50 ft. Bavaria. I've never done anything like this before! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. 

I take nothing for granted. Not my family. Not my friends. Not the amazing opportunities that have come my way. I am blessed.  

I shall return in two weeks or so with Tales of Spain!


  1. Wow, it sounds like you'll have a blast in Spain! But no photos of the new campus? I'm sooooo curious what it looks like! Anyway, have fun! :-)

    1. Hi Jessica, that was very much my intent until I was made aware that the person in charge of getting this campus built prefers that no pictures be circulated until all is complete. There are still workman finishing buildings (interiors mostly), landscaping being done, and general finishing touches happening. He wants it all done with a capital "D", and since I know this man, his attention to detail, and the great pride he takes in this place, I am respecting his wishes...... as hard as it is because I think the place looks great. Hopefully when I get back from Spain he'll give me the "OK" to post pictures. I do have to say that in general that is how things happen in the UAE - there are no "coming soon" kind of photo opps, no news shows on "the making of....." The country is mostly quiet about a project until the Grand Opening. We did have commencement in late May, but the June 1st opening was considered a "soft opening". The end of August opening will the "hard opening" - the for real one. But I certainly expect to post photos well before then.