Thursday, October 17, 2013

DAY FOURTEEN - The Abu Dhabi Stone

"It's called the Abu Dhabi stone," my new British acquaintance, Patricia, cheerfully informed me over a lavish buffet lunch at the Abu Dhabi InterContinental. "It's the weight everyone puts on when they move here". 
"Well count me out," I said silently to myself, and then  "And just how many pounds is a stone anyway?" 

Brunch Buffet at The InterContinental

One of the things I dearly love to do when going to a new place, be it another city or state or country, is to sample the local cuisine. It's an absolutely essential part of the experience, as far as I am concerned. I want to see the sights, smell the smells (well, at least the good ones), take in the clothing styles, shop in the stores, listen to the music, and try the food. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would travel halfway around the world only to seek out a Burger King. Or Pizza Hut. Or Chilis. All of which I have seen here, by the way.

One of my son's Ithaca friends, Joey Slattery, said it best as he encouraged Jeff (NOT an adventurous eater) to sample a new dish. "Try it, Jeff, you might be missing out on something really good".

So, friends, I am looking forward to trying out new foods here. I want to learn all about the cuisine of this region, and if there are any cooking classes offered, then I plan to sign up. If I come upon something delicious and I can get the recipe, I'll share it with you too. 

I'm already planning on an Arabian-themed party for when we return. You know how much I love parties ;-)

So yes, I will be sampling and enjoying food while I'm here, but I will be strategic about it. There are two (yes two!!!) gyms at Sama Tower and a swimming pool, and I will be taking full advantage of them, you can be sure.

And oh yes. One stone = 14 lb. 

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