Sunday, October 6, 2013

DAY THREE - I've always wondered.....

how exactly those combo washer-dryer machines work. If you watch House Hunters International like I do, and have seen Americans hunting for homes or apartments in Europe, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
When I was asked what my "requirements" were for a place in Abu Dhabi, I named just a few things: 2-bedrooms (ever hopeful that we'll have guests), a gym in the building or nearby, and a washer/dryer in the unit. While I totally want to explore the city and counryside and take a camel ride to an oasis (stay tuned), I am NOT up for trekking to a laundromat every week. Call me spoiled, but that's how it is.
One of the first things I spotted when we entered the apartment was the very large kitchen, and sure enough, there was that Mystery Appliance. The next day I looked for an instruction manual, and when none was to be found, I asked at the front desk. She told me she'd send the maintainance man to show me how to use it. 
Seriously, I did not want the maintainance guy to show me how to do laundry, especially since my first load was mostly underwear. My underwear. When I saw today's temperature was going to reach 106 I decided today was the day to stay in and, among other things, tackle the Mystery Machine. 
Doug had shown me long ago that manuals for everything exist on-line, so I Googled up the manual for my AEG Electrolux Lavamat-Turbo. Trust me when I say the dials and buttons are not intuitive. If anything, they are intimidating. I pulled up a chair in front of the machine, plunked my iPad on my lap, and proceeded to read. I realized in that moment that I was missing the all-important laundry detergent. Sigh.
I asked Doug to pick up some detergent on the way home, and then I confidently but carefully loaded up the machine, poured in the Tide (guestimating the amount), turned the dials, hit some settings, and then with only the smallest of hesitations hit START.

And here it is in action! I sat and watched it for a few minutes, but when it appeared to be humming and tumbling along with no problem I decided I could leave and let it do it's thing, a Mystery Machine no longer.

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